Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of 1st Grade!

Well, even though I never finished all my postings about our summer, it came to a close anyways! (I barely got my postings about the END of school done!!) Today, we are back to school! Well- Georgia is back to school. Thankfully Lincoln still has two weeks till he starts back, so we (Mommy!) get to ease back into the full school schedule! When I went in to wake Georgia up this morning, she said, "But, mommy- the birds aren't singing yet. I don't like to get up till the birds are singing!" Sorry, Cinderella-girl, but it's back to school and early mornings!! She's so like her momma....
After we all shook out our early morning cobwebs, we were excited about the day and ready to go! Georgia will be in a new school this year- Westminster Academy, a classical Christian school that is starting its first year. Nine of the 10 students are from our church, and the school will be housed in our church, so it definitely has a 'family' feeling! The teachers are both so loving and great educators, and the curriculum an exciting challenge- so we are really looking forward to what this new adventure will bring!
They've gotten SO big since this time last year... 

What?! Am I hugging you too tight? But how did you get to FIRST GRADE already?!!

There may be a FEW early mornings cobwebs hanging around... ;)

Have a GREAT first day, Westminster Academy!!

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