Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Non-Slumber Birthday Party!

Georgia decided late in the game that she did, after all, want a birthday party with her friends. So we agreed on a Non-Slumber party! We invited the girls from school- Anna Christine, Katie, Abigail and Addison. They came home from school with us, and partied thru dinner- then went home! All the fun- no sleeping over! ;)
Everything was all decorated and ready for the girls when we got home from school.

Our first craft project was to decorate nightshirts, which would then be their take-home gifts. The girls were so creative with the paints and fabric markers, and especially loved the little jewels to glue on.

Of course, snacks were in high demand! Fruit kabobs and Pretty Pink Princess Party Punch.

They each had Princess crown to decorate...

And bracelets to bejewel!

Most fun for me was to just let the girls play together, watching them come up with games and ideas. They have grown so close this year, it was like watching a group of sisters- they bickered, argued, teased, comforted, laughed and really enjoyed their time!

For dinner they got to roll out their own mini-pizzas, and help me add the toppings. They were really good! (Thank you Publix ready-to-go pizza dough!) We ended the party with singing Happy Birthday and some special birthday rice krispy treats!

I think Georgia loved her extra birthday celebration with her friends, and it was really sweet for me to have all the girls over. I think the only thing Georgia would have liked better was if the girls could have spent the night..... ;) Maybe next year!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party for our special girl! She is blessed to have a mommy who is so creative ! Love Grammies

Anonymous said...

Can I join Georgia Kate's class ?

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