Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014- Frozen Sisters and The Ninja

So- we've had birthdays, first days of school, moved to Atlanta... yes, I'm VERY behind on the blog. But, gotta jump back in sometime, so my cuties at Halloween seemed a good place to start!! :)

October 31, 2014- Halloween
This was the year mommy finally lost... no more coordinated outfits, no more homemade ideas, no more originality. This year we were- literally- dressed up the same as thousands of other trick or treaters.

Cue up the shots! (You heard of that game, right?! Take a shot every time Elsa and Anna trick or treat at your door... would make for a crazy night with all the Elsa's and Anna's running around this Halloween!!)


And a Ninja. Lincoln wins a couple points bc he opted for "stealth Ninja" over "Ninja Turtle"... but that's only bc the Ninja Turtle costume at Party City was way big and way itchy!

At the last minute I decided to join in the dressing up, so I pinned some felt "buttons" on my white puffer vest, wore white pants and tied an orange party hat around my nose... Olaf! And I DO like warm hugs from my girls :)

So, as it got dark and the kids started racing door to door for trick or treating, I realized I'd made a major costuming mistake- do you see Lincoln in the picture below?? No... that's because a Stealth Ninja is dressed to be invisible in the dark... like when trick or treating.... swathed in black from head to toe. So- if your kid wants to be a Ninja, I recommend the kind of Ninja that wears WHITE, not Black... very lucky we didn't lose that boy that night! 

Racing door to door... thankfully our new neighborhood has lots of cul de sacs, so we parents could basically stand in the middle of the circle while the kids did a loop, and not get left in the candy-dust!

Did I mention Grammie was with us? Somehow she escaped the picture taking earlier... probably wrestling kids into place! Here's a quick shot, just to prove she was there! :)
When we got back to the house- this is exactly what Rosemary did! Took off her shoes, got her water, and plopped on the floor! She was Pooped!! She ran hard, keeping up with the big kids all night, door to door to door. And she didn't want anyone else to hold her candy bag, so she lugged it with her. (I guess she didn't trust us with it- wonder why?! ;)

We already had a load of candy, but our night wasn't over! We rallied Rosemary and headed over to join our friends the Bernardo's- their neighborhood does a great "haunted trail" in the woods- and we might have trick or treated just a bit more!!
Even though this Halloween wasn't homemade or matching, I've learned to just Let It Go.... ;)

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