Sunday, October 21, 2007

My New Club

I've realized that, along with accepting this tiny child into my life, I've also been accepted. I am now a member of the Mom Club! The Club has members all over the world, of all ages, and in all walks of life. You don't even have to actually be a mom to be in the Club, you just have to be close enough to a mom to be able to talk about their child. The Club offers advice (both solicited and unsolicited), support, praise, encouragement. Whatever I may be going thru with Georgia, I can bring it to the Club and get as many answers as I need until I find one that I like, or works for us. And when you are accepted into the Club, you agree to open up your life to anyone who asks- the private parts, the happy parts, the embarrassing parts. The best part is, the Club is always there for you, cheering you on, picking you up, and wiping the spit-up off your back!

I've met members of the Club while grocery shopping, walking, in restaurants, and even walking through a parking lot. There is a Club-standard of dialog for each interaction: "Hi, I'm (insert child's name)'s mom. (You no longer have a name, you are just so-and-so's mom.) She is ___ months old, ___ pounds, ___ inches long- which is ___ % in weight and ___ % in length. She gets her height from her daddy!" Then you list her current accomplishments- crawling on her belly, pulling up to her feet on everything, eating cereal and (list of other foods child is eating), etc. Then the other mom goes thru her monologue, and you know what questions you can start asking each other.

Now, I'm not aware of a Daddy Club, but even if there is one, I suppose I wouldn't be let in to it. But I have to imagine what their standard dialog would be and how different it is from the mom-speak we go thru. I imagine it would be something like: "Hey- I've got one of those. (Refers to child.) Mine is 6 or 7 months old. She's already crawling, pulling up, eating, sleeping thru the night. (Like they're listing horsepower and amenities on a suped-up car- or Jeep!) What's yours do?"

I'm excited and honored to be part of this Club. I know I wouldn't get thru this job very easily without all of you!


Anonymous said...

it's the greatest club in life and it stays with you forever!! Enjoy!!!!You're a great mommie!

Anonymous said...

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