Friday, October 19, 2007

Up, Up and Away

Georgia continues to be on the move. She's been moving since she was in my belly, and I think she's really enjoying her newest skills. She continues to do her "army crawl"- on her belly and elbows, but she is going up her knees more and more. Even with the army crawl, she's fast! Just ask Bernie! She can get across the room to him and have his bone before he even knows it! But he's learning pretty well to share his floor space. It's so funny to see this little baby, just scooting around the room! She looks so little down there next to big boy Bernie!
Her newest thing is pulling up. It started during a midday nap about 2 weeks ago when I found her on her knees in the corner of her crib- just smiling at me so big and proud, instead of sleeping! By the end of the day, she was pulling up to her feet, and now there's no stopping her. She's up on all sides of her crib, up on the outside of her jazzerciser, up on the coffee table, even up holding on to my pant leg! Luckily she's also learned to get herself back down, though sometimes that part is a little tricky. It's really funny to watch her, because she's so determined, and then, once she's up, she is SO proud! She stands up there and screeches and babbles, like she's saying "Come look at me!!" She loves standing in her crib b/c she can see over the rail and talk to Bernie. (Check out a video of her standing, below)
It's so fun to watch her accomplish each new thing. It makes me so proud to see her try and try until she succeeds. These are the real lessons about what it means to be a parent! And it's amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hi baby girl. Grammie loves you and will see you next Thursday! Be good for mommie!

The Phelps said...

Hey Sweet Georgia, it's Aunt Sandy! I just spent 20 minutes looking at all of the beautiful pictures of you and can't wait to see you soon! Tell your mommie and daddy that I am so glad they have a blog again. War Eagle!