Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This Thanksgiving
I am thankful for my sweet family-
my strong, smart, loving, handsome husband
my sweet, silly, wiggly, beautiful baby girl.

I am thankful for my boisterous basset hound,
with the silky ears, sad eyes and big bark,
to chase the cats out of the backyard.

I am thankful for family that loves and supports me
that love and cherish my sweet baby.

I am thankful for friends that truly care
that open their homes and hearts to us.

I am thankful for the gift of laughter
especially when it comes in the form of sweet silly giggles
from my greatest blessing!

1 comment:

Shireen said...

I like your blog - what a funny name..."blog!" Anyhoo, y'all look great! I overheard a baby's voice while Russell was on the computer last night just after we left the Broom's. He was watching Georgia's videos from your blog!
I've been talking about Georgia so much since we went walking and then had dinner at Panera. Russell just listened and listened, but I don't think it "hit" him how truly special, precious, beautiful, cuddly she is until he got some play time with her alone last night. She was giving him so good attention, and I'm SO glad! I want a Georgia Kate!
Love you and so joyful with you and Larry, Kathryn!!
Shireeny :)