Friday, November 2, 2007

Love Letter to Georgia

My sweet baby,
I love you so much I just can't help but tell you all the time! You are so beautiful and funny and smart. You make each day special with your smile!
I love how you wake up in the morning with a big smile, standing at the end of your crib, just excited to start the day!
I love how you get frantic for that first gulp of milk- I still remember too vividly almost forcing your each swallow. You really hated to eat for so long, I cherish your frantic-ness now!
I love how you are learning so much each day and how you are always trying new things, without waiting for anyone to tell you to try them or even show you how! Like standing up with no hands- just leaning your back against the couch! Little daredevil...
I love how you are such an awesome blend of your daddy and me, that only God could have thought to put together. I love looking into your deep blue eyes and seeing your father there. It makes me love you both all the more. You are both smart beyond your age. You even love electronics like him! Who will win the fight for the computer in 15 years? You better both have your own!
And I love how you are like me too- somtimes it's like looking in some kindof time-machine mirror... if that makes any sense. You look so much like my baby pictures, with your big smile and blonde-ing hair. How you love to laugh and giggle, and you try to sing every song even though you don't know any words or melodies yet, and you even sneeze twice like me! And you're just so fun- if I was half this fun growing up, how lucky Grammie and Grandad were! ;)
There is so much I love about you, I could go on for ever. And I find new things every day- like the way you giggle when I become the kissy-monster! And the way you smile when we rub noses. You are such a beautiful and special gift- I thank the Lord every day for you and what a special blessing you are to your daddy and me. We continue to pray for you, my sweet baby, that you will grow and mature in this love we give to you, and know for yourself one day what it is to love this much!
I love you- love, mommy

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