Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trucks, Peas, & Sittin-Up-Sleeping

This past weekend was Larry's annual "guy's weekend", where they take their trucks to an off-road park, camp out and do manly stuff like that. The trip is always highly anticipated, and involves a full year of preperation- mainly added "needed equipment" to their overgrown toys!
This year's trip was at Greyrock, which is a huge off road park just north of B'ham. So Georgia and I, and Laura Broom (another truck wife & good friend of ours) went out there Sat. afternoon to see daddy, take a ride (me, not Ga), and cook out with the guys. It was a beautiful and fun weekend, though the guys froze at night, and we had fun getting to enjoy a little piece of the action with them. And the best part- Larry didn't break anything on the Green Machine!

The Hipps at Greyrock

Speaking of green- Georgia is definitely her grandaddy's granddaughter! For this week's New Food Friday Food, Ga got to try peas- and she LOVES them, like her Grandad! They are now officially her new favorite food! And, thinking they might be some sort of sweet, delicious yummy pea I've never eaten, I tried them- and they are the same ol' yucky peas you hide under your napkin! Guess I won't have to worry about that from Miss Ga! :)

Georgia licks the bowl of peas clean!

And this is just TOO funny not to share- as you've heard, Ga is such a pro at standing up now, she'd rather do that than anything- including NAP. So it may take her a little while to unwind when it's nap time. On such an occasion last week, I went to check on her b/c it had finally gotten quiet, and she had fallen asleep sitting up in the corner of her crib! I think she was standing, got sleepy and slouched down, and, refusing to give up, fell asleep! I waited to see if she was going to fall over on her face, but she didn't- just folded up, head to toes, so I finally laid her down. Such a silly wiggle-monkey!

Sleeping sitting up!

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