Tuesday, March 4, 2008

11 Months

My sweet Georgia Kate,

You are 11 months old now (and a few days)- it happened all of a sudden! You are so close to toddler-hood now that I find myself cherishing these last baby days. I've noticed you growing up so much this last month. Here are some highlights:

~ You are a great walker now, and that it your main mode of getting around. You are even trying to run, especially as you like being chased, but you get caught up in your feet and end up on your nose. It reminds me of when Bernie was a pup and he was always tripping over his long ears!

~ You talk all the time, and I feel like we understand you and you understand us, even though we're not speaking the same language! The only word you say is "Ba", and the only one you call for in the house is Bernie- "Ba!". Daddy & I are still waiting for you to call for us!

~ You understand and follow most of our commands, such as bring it to me, go get the (whatever), sit down, come here, and No- when we tell you no or even when you're doing something you're not supposed to, like giving Bernie your food off your high chair, you shake your head "No"!

~ You still just have your bottom 2 teeth, but your top 4 are all trying to race to be the next in, which you're not happy about! We hope they'll hurry up and come, so you can be happy again!

~ You can eat all kinds of things, but you usually choose not to! You live off of cheerios, crackers & wheels, but also eat cheese, turkey, chicken, noodles, yogurt, peas & carrots, melon, pears, & cookies. You're like your daddy in that you're picky about veggies & fruits!

~ The biggest change in your apperance is probably on top of your head- your hair is usually in pigtails now since it's getting so long. The piggies drive the old ladies at church wild and you get your cheeks pinched a lot!

~ You still love to play and your favorite games right now are to walk laps around the kitchen with your arms full of toys, dolls or clothes, and also to get mommy to make your bear dance along the side of your crib. We have to do this for at least 10 minutes before you get up from your nap! And you dance & sing along!

~ You still love books- you get wide-eyed when we go to the library! You're getting better about reading the books and not eating them! We just got some new dog ones at a sale that you're enjoying.

~ I also think you're learning more about being affectionate, as you like to give kisses more and even snuggle a bit- but only for a minute then you're on the move again!

I'm enjoying trying to keep up with my busy girl and finding new ways to keep you going. It's fun to interact with you and see you learn each day. Thank you for being such a sweet girl and the sunshine in daddy's & my days. We thank the Lord for you daily and pray that He will continue to guide us as parents. We are amazed by His goodness to entrust us with a gift as precious as you, and know He wishes to continue to bless us as a family. This next month will be a busy one, and go by quicker than ever, and we will make even more memories together.

I love you baby girl! love, Mommy

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Shireen said...

You're such a great mommy, Kathryn! Gosh, I remember when we were working at Briarwood together...remember the after school 5th/6th grade girls' Bible study?!?! I was worn out at the ends of those days! It's good that God gives us the years up to that age with our own kiddos so that we're perhaps a bit more prepared! Yikers!! :)
You're right...Georgia is growing up so fast! All the babies in our class are growing up too fast! :)
Have a WONDERFUL LONG weekend!! :)
Love you!