Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Well, loyal readers- we're back! For now...

The Hipps just spent the last week on our first spring break trip in awhile, and it was awesome! Larry and I went to Colorado for 6 days with our good friends Dave & Laura Broom and Barry Stalnaker. We skiied Keystone & Breckenridge resorts, went on a snowmobile tour up in the mountains to a spectacular view of the Continental Divide, went dogsledding where we each got to drive and ride and fall off! the dogsled, went snow tubing down some wicked runs, and ate and napped in the in-between times! Despite being 'beginners', Dave & Laura were skiing and Larry was snowboarding like the pros by the end of our trip, and Barry showed us you can have just as much fun resting by the fire with hot chocolate! We were all really sore every night, but ready for some more adventures by the next morning!

See all our ski pictures here.

Larry, Kathryn, Dave, Laura & Barry on top of Keystone Mountain.

Georgia had her own spring break trip to Tampa to stay with my parents. Grammie & Grandad loved the time with her, and tried not to spoil her too much! We have had to re-train her a bit in "No" since coming home, but they taught her some good things too- like eating more and sleeping in! She's been sleeping 30 minutes to an hour and a half longer in the mornings- I'm loving it!! She had fun going on walks in the FL sunshine, chasing my parent's 2 dogs and cat, and of course bath time in Grammie's BIG tub with all 30 of her duckies! It was great that they all had so much fun together and got to share that time with her. Both my brothers got to see and play with her some too, which was awesome.
I'm packed and ready to go, mom!
How many books should I bring?

I'm glad it's warm down here in FL so I can wear my cute watermelon outfit!

So now we're all home and trying to get back into our routines- for now! We leave again for a beach trip with my parents on Friday! It's a busy month for us, but we're just soaking it in! :)

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