Friday, March 28, 2008

Beach Baby

This was our final day at the beach with my parents- we leave tomorrow and fly back to the 'Ham on Sunday. Georgia has really turned into a beach baby! Let me tell you how she spent her afternoon:

I lubed her up with SPF 50 baby sunscreen, head to toe, and put on her bathing suit with the little tutu skirt, and her wide-brimmed pink hat. I love that they make baby suits with the SPF 50 built in- I need one like that!

At the beach we spread out a large towel under the umbrella, and arranged our chairs in a circle around it, making a "playpen" of sorts. Within 10 minutes she was circling the "pen" on the outside, just to show us we can't keep her contained!

She spent at least 20 minutes shoveling sand- with the wrong end of the shovel- into a bucket, onto the towel, on her lap, in her mouth, and then brought me a big handful and put it in my lap!

We got her a big handful of shells and she spent a good while putting them from one bucket to the other, then shaking the bucket up and down so they'd all bounce out. They tasted good too and mommy got more on her lap.

We had brought a ducky-tub with the thought to fill it with water and make it like a little beach-pool... but then thought of all the sand around and decided wet baby + sand = Big Mess. So she just sat in it with her bucket, feet propped up on the edge.

Grammie and mommy took her down to the water and, after getting over the slight chill and the shells crunching under our feet, she was a regular mermaid! She really loves the water, but she'd been hesitant about the ocean- understandable, I think, since I am too sometimes! But today she got over it and was splashing, kicking, running into the waves with no regard that she can't swim or that they were going to knock her down, and, of course, drinking the water. (yuck)

Finally I rounded up my wet, salty, sandy, sticky (she'd had a bite of Grandad's ice cream) little girl, and after a quick dip in the pool to rinse off, took her to bed for a well-deserved nap. It's been fun to see her enjoy the beach, one of my favorite places. Now we have to break it to her daddy, who is NOT a beach-lover, that he has another beach babe!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I forgot the cord to my little camera... come back to check out the 100 (or so!) adorable shots I took this week! But here's a few from our "big camera", including the local wildlife my dad found and shot (with the camera!)...


Shireen said...

Y'all had so much fun! I've LOVED looking through all the picasa beach pics, too, Kathryn. Y'all are such a pretty family!
Well, I know it's probably bitter-sweet coming back to B'ham, but what a great trip y'all have had! Hope to see you soon!!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Ok baby we're spoiled because we had SO much fun with you in March!! We are so thankful your mommy and daddy went on vacation and we got to PLAY!! You were awesome at the beach and I don't know many babies who take to the water SO fast! Mommy and you need to make plans for swimming lessons this summer somewhere up north in B'ham! We are just sorry your daddy couldn't be with us more and want you to be very, very good and take care of him so we can all enjoy alot more vacations together!! HUGS & KISSES! Grammie