Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Girl Cup

Funny little Georgia story:

Today mom & I were picking up a few things from Publix, with Georgia riding along in the cart. We had picked up a large cup of ice water from the soda fountain when we came in (water from the fountain is part of Publix hospitality, fyi) and Georgia was carrying it in the cart with her, drinking from the straw like a big girl. We stopped in the card aisle for a bit, and apparently got too involved in our selection. Next time we look over at Georgia, she has thrown the straw on the floor and has been tipping the big cup of ice water up to her mouth, pouring it ALL down the front of her dress! She was SOAKED!! And she was so cold from the ice running down her belly, her little knees were shaking and she had goosebumps. But she would NOT, no matter our persuasion, give us that cup back! She was being a big girl and was going to drink out of her cup the big girl way! I finally got her to trade it to me for a really cool pen from mommy's purse as we walked out the door. She rode home in just her bloomers while her belly thawed! Mom and I just laughed at our determined Big Girl!!

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Shireen said...

SO sweet! That little Georgia's got some personality! And I wonder where she got that stubborness from!?!?! :) Heeheehee! We've all been there...not wanting to let go of that big girl cup!
Thank you for sharing!