Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mac 'N Cheese

Georgia's eating habits have not been getting any better as she gets older. She is so picky, which can be frustrating. So, today, in an attempt to break her out of her "fruit & cheerios" diet, I gave her some mac 'n cheese for lunch. Not a somewhat-healthy noodles & cheddar variety, no no, she won't touch that. She only eats the full-of-fat & unpronounceable ingredients, microwavable, chef boyardee variety. The kind that's extra saucy and a weird shade of orange. Oh, yea, and she won't eat anything off a spoon- a big pain & mess for me- although she likes to hold her own spoon.
I realize I haven't posted any videos in awhile, so thought I'd share this experience with you in action:

Here's a few other fun pictures of Georgia eating that I've been saving:
Mac N cheese is good all-over!

Ravioli makes good body paint!

I call this my "Cheerio-hair"!


The Phelps said...

Hilarious! I love the pictues.

Avery Elizabeth said...

Cute pics! We need to get the girls and moms together this week!

Anonymous said...

Georgia, I have to say I am proud of you for trying new foods. I thouht you were going to turn into and Bannana Slipt with cheerios to top it off. I love MONKEY!!!

Anonymous said...

You can eat whatever you want baby girl....Grammie says so!