Thursday, May 1, 2008

A New Hippo in the Herd!

Yes Yes- we will be adding another little "hippo" to our herd, due to appear December 5th, 2008! I just barely made Larry's deadline to get another one in for next year's taxes! ;)

We actually found out I was pregnant the day before Georgia's first birthday party- talk about timing! It definitely put a new light on the whole affair, thinking how different it will be next year, and from now on! Georgia and her little brother or sis-to-come will be about 20 months apart. Everyone says "oh, a good distance apart", but I think they're really thinking, "those Hipps must be a little crazy!" And, so, maybe we are! I can accept that! We are just excited that God has chosen to give us another sweet blessing and ask for your prayers for a healthy little one!
When mom was up here last week we got to tell her the news with an old trick- Georgia wore the t-shirt below that says "Not the Baby Anymore!" We put a similar shirt on Bernie, the dog, when we were telling them about being pregnant with Georgia!

We had our first visit to the doc today and all's well- Hippo is 8 weeks 4 days old, and a bit short of an inch. About the size of a kidney bean! We saw a strong heart just beating away, and little arm & leg stubs waving around. The ultrasound tech called this the gummy-bear stage, since at this point the baby has a big head and barely some little arms and legs! :) We'll go back in a month to see how things are going!

Thank you for your prayers as this little one grows and develops, and as we start to prepare to become a family of four! We are thrilled to share this time with such sweet family & friends!


Jen said...

Well, here's a huge CONGRATULATIONS from Maryland! How exciting!! Georgia will be a great big sis. :)

Shireen said...

I can't believe this!
What!?!?! YEAH!
You know how happy and thankful I am for you guys! My fingers can't keep up with all that I want to say! :) Hooray!!
Russell and I just read this together, and YEAH!!! Gosh, I'm a bit speechless with excitement! I want to hug you!
Okay, hope to see YOU soon! ;)
Love, Love, Love!!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for your sweet notes, Jen & Shireen! We're excited too! :) love,K

Anonymous said...

Hippo #2- Grammie is so excited to meet you and Georgia and I can't wait to teach you how to shop! Your mom prob needs a few refresher lewssons too as she's been home too long taking care of Miss Georgia. I'm at the river with Michael, dad and Michael's girlfriend Erika and we are all looking at the web site and teaching Michael how to use it so he can now send you messages. We all love you and can't wait to play at the park!!! Grammie!!!!

Tracey said...

So excited for you all!!!! we just started the adoption process again so maybe we will have children around the same age again. would love to get izzie & georgia together for a playdate sometime.