Monday, June 30, 2008


Georgia has learned a new trick- undressing herself. And not just clothes, diapers too! Saturday when I went in to get her up from her nap, she was just laying in her bed- neked! She had taken off her tshirt, thrown her wet diaper on the floor, and turned on the fan (the switch is right by her bed). We guess she didn't like being wet and hot! Then, Sunday, when I put her down I purposefully dressed her in a onesie that snapped at the bottom, thinking she couldn't take that off. Apparently Georgia is smarter than mommy- not only had she taken her onesie off, but also her diaper, and had somehow opened the diaper at one end, pulling tons of the gel-like filling that's in diapers out, everywhere. If you've ever seen a destroyed diaper, you know what a mess they are! And, of course b/c she was bare-bottomed, she'd peed in her bed. What a mess! But we were laughing too hard to get her in trouble! So I don't know what to dress her in now- this morning she'd taken her pj shirt off, but the bottoms were still on... maybe she just hadn't had enuf time to get to them!

In other Georgia news, she had her 15 month check-up today. She is very healthy and growing & growing! She is almost 22 pounds (40th %) and is about 32 inches (90th %)- still very tall and lean! She has 6 teeth, with another trying to come in bottom-front. I told the doc about her poor eating habits, but he's not worried! Two shots and she was done- now she's sleeping off her tylenol and probably dreaming of how to get her bloomers and dress off when she wakes up!


Shireen said...

What a fisty little girl!
SO cute! I just read this out loud to Russell, too! Too cute not to share.
Hope you're doing well, Kathryn!

Anonymous said...

Well our little angel is learning how to make her needs and wishes known!!! Get ready as your parenting fun is just beginning and Grammie plans to watch and enjoy!! Isn't she cute!!

Avery Elizabeth said...

Too funny!!! Avery went through that stage...only she didn't get into the diapers. Thank goodness!!! I got creative with the clothes I put her in to make sure she couldn't take them off:)
We'd love to get together with you all when you get back from New York. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathryn what fun. Maybe you need to take Duck tape to her diaper before you put her down for her nap.

Cindy Estes