Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Summer

Georgia and I welcomed in summer today, the season's first official day. It seems strange that we've had summer weather for almost a month before the season officially begins, but I guess that also has something to do with geography. And, I know- who would welcome the AL summer? It's hot, humid, sticky, hot, unbearable, and hot! But today is actually pleasant so we decided to be friendly back and actually welcome Summer!

I filled up the pool and we had a fun time splashing. Neighbor Addison, who's almost exactly one year older than Georgia, came over and played in the water too. The girls had fun filling their buckets and pouring it on each other, and on the dog! They played on the slide too, and Georgia thought it was fun to "neked-slide" after I had stripped her down to come back in!

We also enjoyed another summer-time treat- Popsicles! I made some apple juice ice-cube-tray pops. They were fun, yummy and easy! I dropped some blueberries in them too, which Georgia loved. Two tips if you try to make juice pops: 1) The longer the stick the better- I had some popsicle sticks that I, being thrifty, cut in half. But they were a bit short for Georgia's little fingers and she ended up mostly holding the frozen end. 2) Don't make more popsicles in front of your child after they already know what they are- she was not too happy that they had to go in the freezer without her having another one!

Hope you get to get out and enjoy Summer while it's being friendly and nice! We'd love to hear what your Summer Fun ideas are!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've just found a way to get some healthy treats into Miss Georgia!!! She is getting so big and had better come see Grammie soon!!! Have fun and enjoy these great days!