Monday, June 16, 2008

Dada's Day

We enjoyed a full, fun weekend and Father's Day. Friday night we went out with the Phelps, and then picked up some board games at Wal Mart and headed back to our house. Larry picked Risk, which ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. (Of course, I always have fun when I'm winning!) But it was way too long, and at about 1am Matt & Sandy conceeded their territories. I think we'll have to let Sandy pick the game next time!
Dada & Daughter on Father's Day

Saturday was a "house day", and we got some stuff done around here, then went to a going-away party for friends Ben, Corrie & Ellie Moncrief, who are sadly moving to DC soon. We're excited for them as Ben as an awesome opportunity there, but will greatly miss them! (See all pictures from the party here...)
Splish-splashin in the pool!

Daddy teaches Georgia to make BIG splashes!

Georgia got up with smiles for dada on Sunday, and delivered his Father's Day cards and helped him open his gifts. Later that afternoon we blew up our new pool and splashed around- Georgia's favorite thing to do! She is such a water-baby!! That night, the Phelps included us in their Father's Day cookout, and Georgia discovered she shares a love of corn on the cob with her dada. It was so funny to watch her chew that cob down!!

Hope your weekend was fun too, and you got to spend time with or send love to your favorite Dada!

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Anonymous said...

Well granddad missed hearing from his baby girl and her mommy while we were off in Rwanda so we'll just need to fix that on your July 2nd visit!!! We will promise alot of pool time for Miss Georgia and it looks like Uncle Wes is also going to be home all of that week. We're working to get Michael down for the weekend too!!Hugs- grammie