Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend '08

We headed down to Tampa for Labor Day weekend with Matt & Sandy and had a fun-filled time: mariachi dancers, college football, jamming with John, late-night swims & lunch at the beach...
Friday night we all went to dinner at the Columbia, one of the oldest restraunts in Tampa with authentic Spanish food and a show of mariachi dancers- those ladies can really kick up their heels! Saturday we celebrated the first full day of college football.
Georgia's ready for some football!
Saturday night we took the (unborn) babies to their first concert- John Mayer totally rocked and gave us a really great show. I know our Baby Boy likes John as much as his daddy does b/c he was really bouncing in my belly to the music! One Republic opened and was also really awesome. We had fantastic seats about 9 rows from center-stage, so we could see John's every facial movement!
John Mayer rocks out!
(Yes, that's him- the new haircut caught me offguard too!)
Sandy & I & John (- he's in the bright spot behind the blonde lady)
One Republic opened the show with a great performance.
Sunday we joined my parents at church, then the guys helped my brother Wes finish up the deck him & dad have been putting in at his house. That night we went Italian at Bella's, which my family always remembers as one of the first places we ate when we moved to Tampa in '95- it was still yummy!
By Monday Gustav had moved north and it finally stopped raining in Tampa- just in time for us to make a quick run to Clearwater beach for lunch at Frenchy's. Afterward we let Georgia play in the ocean- her favorite part! We had to literally drag her out of the water to go home. Such a water-baby!

Than it was back home to Bham- a very LONG flight for us and those sitting around us! I'll spare you the details, but it included lots of squirming (Georgia), screaming (Georgia & Larry-internally), Twizzlers (all 3 of us), and pee (on me!)...


Shireen said...

Wow! Y'all had a FUN weekend! You brave souls heading down to FL during the hurricane craze!

I'm so glad y'all had so much fun. You guys are taking some fun vacation with Matt & Sandy! That is GREAT!!!

You and Sandy look GREAT! I'm wearing the same shirt that you're wearing in white in your beach pictures today, but mine is green striped. I guess you got yours at Old Navy Maternity, too! :-)

Love you!!

Jen said...

What's with these girls not doing well on flights lately?! Molly threw up on Chad on our way to Memphis. She did much better on the flight home, even sleeping the last hour, so that was a nice flight compared to the first!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun and could have spent a wekk at the beach- right Georgia!!! You are Grammie's beach baby!! Let's hope Linc likes the beach as much so we can spend alot of time there in the years ahead!! Love Grammie