Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daddy's Jeep Weekend

It was time once again for the guys to head out to the woods with their toys. Larry and a group of friends had their annual Jeep weekend at Grey Rock off-road park. It's a beautiful peice of land in the hills north of Birmingham. Georgia and I enjoyed going out there on Saturday to see Daddy and run around. She definitely has some "country" in her as she LOVED running around after Jason's dogs, scooping rocks and picking fallen leaves for her bucket, and generally getting dirty! It was a windy, cold, wet day, but we enjoyed the fresh air.
The Hipps & the Banana Boat
(that's Lincoln under my coat, not a beach ball!)
The guys had a good time too, though I think they froze in their tents at night. Thankfully Larry didn't hurt the "Banana Boat" in any way, and now he has hundreds of hours of video to sort through. I know all the "jeep wives" are excited to know that a new Wheeling movie is coming soon! :) Of course, all these pictures are of Georgia while we were out there, and no pictures of the actual jeeping... maybe we'll post some video soon (aka. some day!)!


Us said...

I've been anxiously awaiting the debut of the sequel to the first three offroading videos. I can't wait to see this years video! The deVilleneuve family will be there on opening night!

Kevyn Hagemann said...

I'm glad that you've had a great weekend, the Hippsters! =D It's nice to have some time out, especially when you're riding on a jeep, right? It's an adventure like no other!