Friday, November 28, 2008

Being Thankful

This Thanksgiving I feel I have so much to be thankful for...

for a wonderful husband, who not only works hard to provide for us, but also daily gives me love, encouragement and laughter. I am also thankful that he brings music into our home, and shares that passion with his little girl. And I'm very thankful that he (mostly) kept that same little girl occupied with the Macy's parade while I did last-minute Thanksgiving cooking!

Thanksgiving smiles with Jonathan, Georgia & Larry
for a beautiful, healthy, smart, silly daughter who fills my days with giggles, lessons in patience and constant reminders of how blessed I am by her. Right now I am thankful for her continued ability to communicate (it makes such a difference when she can actually understand and respond, even with one-word answers!) and -usually- thankful for her willingness to help- she loves to take things to the trash can, put her cup in the sink, and pick things up off the floor for me!
Georgia shares Thanksgiving pie with Grandpa
for a sweet puppy dog, who, despite his moments of aggravation and noise, loves my little girl as much as we do and lets her play with him, on him, around him, lay & sit on him and truly tries to be gently with her in return!
Georgia plays drums with Bernie
for my family, who never lets the miles between us feel like any great distance. Larry & I are both thankful for the effort Grammie & Grandad put forth to make sure Georgia not only knows them, but also recognizes their voices and already has fun memories with them.
for my in-law family, who also put forth effort to love on Georgia and are always willing and excited to help with her. For the kisses and hugs they share with her especially!
Hipp siblings: Tyler, Heather & Larry
for friends that call to check on me when I'm sick, email me for dinner plans, and even send presents from across the ocean! For those that stay in contact even when I slack and love me despite these shortcomings!

and mostly, I'm thankful to the Lord, who daily sustains me with His promises. I know I deserve none of these that I'm thankful for, yet He continues to bless me. And for that I have a thankfulness I cannot describe!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and you had your own moment of thankfulness. We sit and wait now for our next little miracle- a baby boy, due to make his appearance within the week! Keep us in your prayers for patience, our last moments as a family of three, and that all goes well when it's time for him to come... stay tuned!!


Us said...

We are so thankful for you guys and your friendship and can't wait for little Lincoln to come this week! We are praying for ya'll & hopefully will be able to get together one last time before he arrives!

Misty said...

Very well written list of things to be thankful for! Andy and I will be praying for you this week. Sandy will let us know when little Lincoln comes into the world...into your loving family....of 4! :) Also, thank you for all you did for Sandy's was wonderful! You should be a party planner. :)
Talk/type with you later,
~Misty :)

M said...

hey lady! Thanks for the sweet blog note. Yes, I believe you are the only comment-er I have. I am thankful for that! haha. So two days?? Very exciting! Give the fam a hug for me, and good luck with the babe!