Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Almost a month ago we moved Georgia to the Big Girl Bed and I've been meaning to blog about it since. So, even though this is late, I still want to "record" it!
Sometime in January we started letting Georgia nap in her big girl bed, but back then it was just a twin mattress on the floor. Feb. 22nd we set up the bed frame, box spring and all, and she officially moved to the BIG big girl bed!
Dancing on the Big Girl Bed! Lincoln's all tucked in too.
Big bed- little girl!

And Lincoln moved to the crib, with a blue sheet and all, making the transition complete (and giving mommy & daddy their room back to themselves!).
Georgia hands over the keys to the crib to little brother Lincoln.

She's doing great in her Big Bed! She's only fallen out a few times; we kept pillows on the floor for awhile, just in case. She still struggles to settle down at naptime, and it takes over 30 mins and several times of mommy going in to discipline her before she'll fall asleep.
SO excited she just can't sit still!

And several times I've gone to her room to find her asleep somewhere on the floor- sometimes I bring her back to bed, and sometimes I just cover her where she is!

The day we set her bed up, she was very excited about it and wanted to practice getting tucked in, etc. She also tucked her lamby in, then tucked Lincoln in- it was very sweet and I was dutifully capturing the moment with my camera.
Here's a video of her tucking him in...


Anonymous said...

I love it and she is such a tiny little monkey is that big bed. The pics of her sleeping all over the floor are hysterical and one day you'll have a party when she's 16 or so and be able to show all the pictures of GK sleeping around everywhere!!! Her jumping on the bed with Lincoln did cause me to catch my breath!!! I'm lookin got come up there asap to protect you Lincoln!!! Hugs Grammie as I sip team from my special mug!!

Anonymous said...

and I just saw the pictures of my bday presents being made by both Georgia and Linc! Love them and the pics are fantastic!!!

Michelle and Jeremy said...

Lincoln is going to have to be a tough one to hang with Miss Georgia.