Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lincoln: 3 Months

Dear Lincoln,
My sweet boy- you turned 3 months old a few days ago. I can't believe how fast it goes by- and I know I say that every time! I waited to write your letter this month till after our Dr appt yesterday. Here are your stats from the Dr: you are 12 lbs, 14 oz (50%), almost 25 inches (75%), head circumference 16 1/4 (50%). I was surprised by you only being in the 50% for weight- you gained almost 2 lbs in about 5 weeks and seem like such a big boy to us! But you are just a good, healthy size, which we are thankful for. We also found out you have your first ear infection. :( I had no idea you were sick- you haven't had a fever or decrease in appetite/sleep. You've been a little bit fussy, but you're a baby!! Hopefully that little ear will be cleared up soon!
Here are some more milestones this month:
~You have started rolling over from your belly to your back. You don't do it every time, just every couple of days- just enuf to stay in practice, but not enuf so mommy can show off your trick to everyone we see!
~You are doing very good with your head control, and only bobble a little bit now. When you're on your belly you do a great job pushing your head up and holding it.

~You are still a good sleeper- 9:30pm till 8am. You have also officially moved into the nursery and I think you like all the space to stretch sleeping in the crib- although you still like to snuggle up in a swaddle at night! We are trying to give you more consistent naps- at least 3 per day, and sometimes a mini-nap at dinnertime.

~Obviously you're a good eater, since you continue to grow so well! You eat 6 bottles of 5-5.5 oz of breastmilk per day, every 3 hours, the last one at 10:30pm. Mommy is almost done pumping, which she is excited about!
~You have started getting your hands in your mouth and seem to chew on your fist or thumbs the most. You also blow bubbles at us sometimes!
~You are becoming very vocal and make all kinds of noises! It's funny when Georgia repeats your noises back- it sounds like you two have your own language! You are also very smiley- one of your most-used nicknames is "Smiles". You have even given us a little chuckle a few times! It makes my heart melt to hear your little laugh!

~You love to lay under your animals on your playmat and bat and grab at them. That is your favorite place to be right now. You're getting much more active!
~Mommy & daddy love kissing your sweet dimples and chubby cheeks; Georgia loves to give your toes and head kisses!

It struck me just the other day as I was looking at a pair of pink sneakers and a blue hooded towel in the bathroom, remnants of bath time, how much fun it's going to be having a little boy along with my little girl! I've gotten used to having dolls and hair bows littering the house- soon it will be trucks and trains too! I am so enjoying this baby stage with you- your sweet smiles and happy disposition have a lot to do with that and I'm grateful for them! I thank the Lord for continuing to grow you and keep you healthy. As the weather starts to warm in the month to come, we'll be getting out more and introducing you to all kinds of new things. I'm looking forward to more smiles along the way!
I love you- Mommy

Lincoln- 1 Week

Lincoln- 13 Weeks


Anonymous said...

love watching him grow next to Hippo!!! Great visual for us. My favorite shot is the one with the hoodie outfit holding the giraffe blanket. he is so precious and his dimples will give him trouble for years to come! Don't you know your boy will hate to hear about them too soon. You help Grammie feel I am in the room with your wonderful updates Kathryn. I thank God for the loving family you and Larry are raising and continue to pray for health and happiness as you stay focused on what's impt! mom

Us said...

Happy 3 month Birthday, Lincoln!! We love you, big boy! Love, the devilleneuves

Anonymous said...

Just returned from a few days at the river cottage. Been tearing up the kitchen and taking out the wall. Hope you all get to spend some time there soon. The kids will learn a lot about nature as they get old enough to explore and fish the river. Thanks for the great updates and know I love you all. GrandDad