Monday, March 30, 2009

'Monkey's' 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday we had a fun little birthday party for Georgia with a few friends & family. It was supposed to be at the park, but since we had ~5 inches of rain the 3 days before, the park was a huge puddle and we moved the party indoors to our house. And it was great! We all enjoyed our picnic food and cupcakes inside while Georgia & her friends ran around and played. As the grand finale to the day we took her out front and presented her with her first car- a blue mini-Jeep! She jumped right in it and took off- right towards a car parked on the curb! She does great at driving it, except we have to work on steering a bit!
Thanks to our friends & family that were able to share this day with us and make it so special!
Yummy! Birthday cupcake!
Maggie & Tate have fun with the bubble maker!
Georgia tries out her new trike from Nana,
Ooo- thank you for the chalkboard placemat, Rollins! Your mommy is so creative!
Georgia with her admirers- Uncle T, Uncle J & Joseph
Watch out- Georgia's driving!
Don't worry ladies, Rollins will get you out of that ditch!
Rollins showed Georgia how a Jeep-driving pro does it!
After all the toys were opened, it took a team to put them together!
Even baby Brother Lincoln got to share in the new toys.

Thank You for my fun party! Two is Terrific!!


Shireen said...

We had fun at your birthday party, Georgia!! Sorry that Rhys was asleep the entire time!! :( Maybe next year yall can actually PLAY together!! I sure hope so!

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl!!!

Anonymous said...

The cup cakes were so precious and your mommy did such a wonderful job with that Little Monkey theme!! This is just one of those times when I have to not be sad that we just miss so many moments and events by living so far away! It is so great that so many of your friends and family were there and blessed to celebrate our precious monkey's bday!! No wonder you rested all day Sunday as it does look exhausting!!! Hugs and kisses and I'll see you all soon. Grammie

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about you and that tomorrow is your 2nd birthday. Time goes way too fast when you get to be my age.. i remember when your mom had a jeep like that ... You know, Kathryn, if you don't charge the battery and make your kids push it -- they will grow up strong and healthy.. love you GrandDad

Us said...

We had so much fun at your party! You are a great jeep driver, and I can't wait to ride with you some more! Thanks for sharing so many of your fun gifts with me! Love, Rollins

Sony Girl said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! I hate that we missed it. I just have one question - What happened to Rollins shirt? You can tell that he is Ryan's kid - poor Jen.

I can not believe that Georgia is two years old already and her little brother is getting so big. I hope that your second year of life is as fun and exciting as the first. Happy Birthday GA!

Love, Laura