Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lincoln: 5 (and 1/2) Months

Dear Lincoln,
So, as the month continue to fly by, I realize I haven't ever posted your 5 month update. I've been composing it in my head for weeks, with never enough time to finally get it into a posting. But, before the month flies completely by, here we go!
You must have heard me comment to myself at the end of April that your next update would be short, because it had just been a nice easy month with not much going on. Because right at 5 months you learned a major new trick:
~ Forward Motion. I don't think I can call it crawling yet, but you are definitely making tracks! You get up on your knees, rock back & forth, back & forth, then launch yourself forward into a faceplant. Then you get up and do it again. I guess I could also describe it as a bouncy inchworm... Eventually you make it to your destination, whether that's a toy you spotted, Bernie snoozin or your sister's pigtails! I admit I was hoping for a few more months of immobility from you, just to make my own life easier, but it looks like my days of chasing 2 kids have arrived! And every day you get better at it- last night daddy & I watched you go clear across the living room!
Video: Lincoln is on the move!
The only time this new skill does not serve you well is when, instead of going to sleep, you crawl across your crib and burrow yourself into a corner, then yell till someone comes and gets you out. You're like a wind-up toy in that you go & go and when you hit that corner you just keep pushing forward, as if you push enough a hole will open and you can keep going!
~ Time to Eat! You've now had your first tastes of food- if you can call me futilely scraping runny rice cereal into your chubby cheeks "eating"... You were not real impressed with those first bites, and honestly we've only been practicing this skill sporadically since then, but you'll move to regular feedings in the weeks to come.
First bites- yum yum! ;)

~ As for the rest of your caloric intake- 5 feedings of 7-7.5 oz per day, every 3.5 ours, last one at 9:30 pm. And you drink every drop! Our schedule also still includes 3 regular naps- morning, lunch, and afternoon, with an optional siesta at dinnertime. You're starting to sleep better and longer at your naps, which is great, yet you're still flexible enough that we can get out and do things. You make sure you get all your zzz's, even if you have get that dinnertime siesta or get to bed early.
Eating is a little bit better if big sis is helping!

~You're figuring out how to use your hands and fingers, and have quite a grip! Unfortunately for your sister, that grip often is full of her hair! But you also hold toys, bring them to your mouth, pull things to you and are trying to hold your bottle. You've really taken charge of your excersaucer and get a good workout jumping turning and grabbing -and eating- the toys in it.

~You are still the giggliest, smiley-est, happiest baby I've ever known and your smiles bring such joy to everyone! You are very ticklish and especially love it when we nuzzle your belly. This makes you laugh so hard! I love that you show off your dimples so much!

~As you get bigger and more interactive, it's neat watching you and Georgia interact. You think she's just the best and you love watching her. She loves to hold you in the rocking chair (w/ mommy's help!) and sing you "nighty-nite" and kiss your head. The newest game is for you to sit on her shoulders (again, with mommy's help) and we run around the house like she's giving you a piggy-back ride. You both giggle uncontrollably!

So I'm going to cut myself off there, since in just a couple of weeks I'll need some material for your 6-month update. And I know it'll be here too soon since time continues to fly by! And you continue to grow and learn new things each day.
I love you so much, my sweet happy cutie-boy and pray you continue to be healthy and happy as we surround you with love, smiles and joy. I thank the Lord every day for entrusting you to this family!
love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

Yes --Lincoln will be walkin soon-- Oh yeah-- walkin. What a big, happy, strong, healthy, beautiful boy. Takes after his GrandDad, he does. LOL -- GrandDad

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lincoln- you are the snuggliest, smilest, dimpliest baby I have ever known! What a blessing to watch your loving family commit you to the Lord and know that you will be watched over by a loving father for the rest of your days. Grammie had a wonderful weekend and was so blessed to be with all the Hippo's! Hugs and see you soon. Grammie

Us said...

Happy 5 month birthday, Lincoln! You are the cutest most determined little inch worm i have ever seen! We miss you and can't wait to see you soon!!

Sony Girl said...

Lincoln moves around like a little frog. That is hilarious and quite innovative. I love Bernie in the back ground - just chillin and enjoying the entertainment.

Michelle and Jeremy said...

what a fun post! Can't wait to see him Sunday night!