Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remembering Memorial Day '09

So, back to our Memorial Day weekend... (I've post-dated it to fit chronologically on the blog.)
We had our annual weekend at the lake with our friend Barry and a house full of other friends. And even though there was a lot of this...
{Rain and gray skies}
we still got to take the kids out on the boat-
Lincoln's first time on the boat! Could hardly fit those cheeks in the life jacket!
enjoy some good eating...
and battle it out to conquer the world.
And, since it was so rainy, we just played in it!

A funny story from the weekend: On Monday there was a break in the clouds, Lincoln was napping and Larry, Georgia & I went out in the boat. I wanted to play in the water at least once that weekend, so I tried to do some wakesurfing. But, since it'd been over a year since I'd tried it, I was a bit rusty and spent my first few tries face planting in the water. Larry was sitting at the back of the boat with Georgia in his lap, and he said every time I fell in the water she would start crying and saying "No, mommy, no more! All done!! All done Mommy!!" and when the boat pulled back around to me she would tell me to get back in the boat and be "all done". I tried to tell her I was having fun swimming, but she said, "NO swim, mommy- All done!"
Trust me, baby girl, I didn't like falling either, but I really was having fun! You'll see one day!! :)

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Anonymous said...

oops...not even any writing!!! Oh well, you're trying to keep up with alot going on and I'm sure it will only get harder as time goes on! Hugs to all. Grammie