Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lions and Tigers and... Cows?

Saturday morning we took the kids to the zoo, and as we explained to Georgia what we were going to be doing that day we asked her what animals she wanted to see at the zoo...
But they have lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes- all kinds of exotic animals at the zoo...
And wouldn't you know, the Birmingham zoo has no cows! I thought there used to be some Bison there, which may have looked enough like a cow to appease her, but we didn't see them. Thankfully we wore her out between the petting zoo, roaring at the lion, monkey house, train ride, and splash pad, and she forgot all about those cows!
It was great fun having aunt Sandy, uncle Matt & Logan join us!

Despite the heat, Lincoln covered his head with his bear and snuck in his morning nap! The kid likes to get his sleep!

Giraffe, Georgia & Daddy

The otters were having a great time playing in the water!

My little Hippos gave me sweet smiles for the first picture...

...but they really felt like THIS while waiting in the hot sun for our train ride!

We finished up by cooling down at the Splash pad!

Are you sad I didn't take more pictures? Me too! I took a lot of video, and I can only hold one camera while pushing the stroller. But here's a fun picture to end on...
Georgia the Giraffe, August 2009, 2 years old (28 months)

Georgia the Giraffe, February 2008, 10 months old

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Anonymous said...

love the picture of larry, georgia and the giraffe. So glad that you guys were able to get off and do something relaxing this weekend. Look forward to seeing you all on Wed. love and hugs. grammie