Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ew, Ew and -seriously- EW!

So, if you're trying to call me today, or expecting a call from me and haven't gotten it- I'm sorry! Let me try to explain why...
Yesterday I got Lincoln up from his nap and we headed downstairs to make his bottle. I put him down while I made it and he toddled off, as usual. When I was done making the bottle, I wandered into the living room looking for him. He was playing with something on the floor in the far corner... I got closer...
It was a Lincoln-sized puddle of dog vomit! Yes- and my baby boy was happily smearing his hands thru it, had it all over his lag, and I'm sure, though I couldn't confirm or deny, it made it's way to his mouth, like everything does!!
I whisked him straight to the kitchen sink, stripped him and scrubbed him.
Oh, yes, and he happened to be carrying my cell phone around with him as he was playing, so it now was also covered in dog vomit.
I tried to gently wipe the phone down best I could with a wet towel, but it still reeked and I talked on speaker phone the rest of the day.
So after Lincoln was sufficiently clean (I wanted to brush his {2} teeth, but had to be satisfied with a generous drink of water), we went back to the scene of the crime to clean up... only to find most of the puddle of vomit had disappeared... and my parent's other dog, Buddy, looking mighty happy and full...
seriously- EW!!!!

And the moral of the story is:
~always know where your baby is and what he's playing with/eating
~never let your baby carry around your phone
~never leave a puddle of dog vomit unattended in a house with dogs
~dog vomit will cause your phone to cease working

And that is why I will be getting a new phone tonight! This move to Tampa gets more expensive every day... (Oh yes- have I mentioned that in the last 2 weeks we've also replaced my transmission and 2 window motors in my Jeep!?)

Having a baby boy continues to be full of unexpected surprises!!

PS- On a side note, I do not blame Morgan (causer of vomit) in any way for what happened. Poor old pup has had a rough week and is not feeling so well! Thankfully, no more vomit since!


Anonymous said...

YUK!!! Morgan loves Linc so and I know she would never want to cause him anything yucky like this so I'm so sorry. Guess it goes to show how very comfortable Linc and Morgan have become. It's been fun to watch him get better at walking by pulling up on her and she just is a gentle giant with him. It's sad to watch her getting older and sick and I hope her health doesn't get worse and make the kids need to deal with any health saddness.We need to get a good picture of her with the kids! Hugs Grammie
PS Morgan said to tell you she's paying for whatever cell phone you decide you want!Her gift for all the love and TLC this week!

The Phelps said...

EW! Get the iPhone, and give Linc hugs and kisses for me (after you've scrubbed him down one more time). :)

Sony Girl said...

Being the dog lover that I am, your story truly grossed me out. I could not help but think of Proverbs 26:11 (As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.)

Sony Girl said...

Oh, and by the way, thanks for not posting any pics! I know how you feel about blogging with no pictures and we appreciate this exception.