Thursday, October 29, 2009

Full of Croup

Yes, that title was meant to be a play on words...
It has definitely been a full week. We have been a bit housebound, battling a double serving of Croup and me throwing my back out {again}. We were thankful Croup was all it was after surviving a night of high fevers and coughing with Georgia. Now she has shared it with her brother, of course, but hopefully his won't be so bad. So they are pitiful, and by Sunday we needed to leave the house, if only for a bit.
We had wanted to go to a big Pumpkin patch farm fall festival event, but that was cancelled by the Croup and we needed something quick and easy. So we went down the road to a fall festival & carnival at a local church, St Patrick's. There were a few rides Georgia could enjoy, and we all were glad to burn off some energy out of the house.
"Riding the Horseys"- Georgia's favorite!

Doesn't she make it look so exciting!!

Not so excited about this one- we were told by the carni-guy operating it that it's "homemade"... great...

A big slide is always fun!

Maybe next year, little guy!

So he spent most of his time just running around, picking up trash off the ground. At one point Larry found him about to grab an old, dirty chicken bone! (so gross!)

Finally, we decided he could try out the horseys...


He's definitely our little daredevil, not scared of anything. He LOVED going round and round on the horseys!

A little ice cream break... Georgia started off sharing...

...but soon decided it was too good to share!

Lincoln thought Grandad needed some help with his big cone...

He's currently getting his top side "fang" teeth, and the ice cream felt so good on those tender gums! He would hook on and not let go!

Daddy's girl!

Mommy's boy!

Sweet hugs!!


Michelle and Jeremy said...

man, we miss you guys - esp. at Bible Study yesterday. BUT thankgoodness for blogs. the kids are too cute!

The Phelps said...

Matt asked me a few days ago if I thought GA and Linc looked different now. No! I said, it's only been five weeks! Well, I was wrong! They (esp. Linc) both look older! I miss y'all so much. Give the 'croupers' hugs and kisses from Aunt Sandy!