Friday, October 2, 2009

Lincoln: 10 Months

Dear Lincoln,
10 Months already and what a month it's been! You've put up with a lot of changes and craziness and still kept that sweet smile on your face. Thank you for reminding me daily that even though life can be crazy and busy and changing, all we need is smiles and slobbery kisses to be reminded of what's really important! Let's look at what you've been up to this month:

~While you'll always have Alabama roots, you have now become a Florida Boy! It's kinda sad to me that you won't remember having lived in Alabama,but know it was a great life for us there. We'll make sure you know the family and friends there well, and that will always be your other sweet home!

~While we've been moving our family, you've been doing some moving of your own- moving on to full-time walking! You have really taken off this month and will now -literally- walk laps around the house. It's so amazing to see you waddle past, arms out, legs moving as fast as they can! You can also stop walking, squat to pick something up, then stand again. You can't stand from sitting yet, you still crawl over to something you can pull up on and take off from there. That will be the last step!

~I have to mention some of the creative ways you learned to walk so well- Georgia has helped you by letting you grab the front of her shirt while you're standing, then she walks backward while you walk with her, holding on to her. You both thinks it's a hilarious game- till she gets walking so fast you tumble into her! Once we got to Tampa, you found you could use Morgan (Grammie & Grandad's lab) for the same purpose, grabbing her fur and walking alongside her! I think they're both glad you're doing so well on your own now!
~You continue to be my good eater, and we've been working towards more finger food (puffs, cheerios, crackers, etc). You were still having a hard time getting the finger food out of your little fist and into your mouth, but you're doing better now. You get a huge grin when some food actually makes it in your mouth! We were out one night and gave you a pizza crust to keep you occupied- what a treat! You would take a nibble, then make the happiest noises, then go for more!

~Boy, you've got some moves! You've discovered the joy of dancing this month, and do an awesome "Ray Charles" head swerve. You dance whenever you hear any sort of tune, from your sister singing, music on tv, or even a regular tap tap of a spoon! When you're standing, you get your whole body into it, moving your shoulders and bouncing your knees!
~You continue to be very vocal, but seem to be trying to make certain sounds now. You try to "sing", like "ahhhhhh ahhhhh", or copy something I say, like "all done"- "ba baaa". No actual words yet, but it's so neat to watch you start to understand how to communicate! You still won't try sign language, though Georgia & I keep trying to teach you. You continue to remind me that you're all boy, as your favorite sounds are an emphatic "bbbbbbb" or Thhhhhhhht"!
~Grammie taught you a fun trick- how to High Five! You reach up high to slap our hand and give a big grin to go with it!

~You have loved LOVED being around Grammie & Grandad's dogs, Morgan & Buddy. You have special excited noises you make when they come in the room, and your whole face lights up. They've learned to stay out of the way of your grabby little mitts, but you just think it's a fun game to chase them from room to room! They are very patient with you and it's great to watch you have so much fun!

~As always, you continually keep me on my toes as you look for mischief and trouble! You have been exploring all of your new territory, corners and cabinets here at Grammie & Grandad's house. You love to "steal" something out of a cabinet, then waddle away with it as fast as you can... then you come back for more! I think Grammie is starting to understand that her house may never be completely picked up while you are here!

It has been a wild month, but even when the last of my patience is gone, all I have to do is nuzzle your soft blond head to feel better! Thank you for being my sweet baby boy and giving me so many snuggles and slobbery kisses. We continue to thank the Lord for giving you to us, for your health & well-being, and ask His guidance and His will be done, as parents and as a family.
I love you,

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Sony Girl said...

What a sweet post Kathryn. Love the pics of Lincoln, especially the ones with the sunlight on his face!