Monday, November 30, 2009

Nana's Thanksgiving Visit

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! It really started last Sunday when Larry's mom, Diane, came down to Tampa to be with us for the week. It was awesome to have her here! We were glad she gave up her fear of flying to come down and see us! The kids ate up the extra attention and she was glad to dole it out, which was a great help in such a busy week.
Monday we went to the zoo... Georiga got over her fear of the giraffes from when one tried to eat her last time we were there. This time she even fed them some giraffe crackers and convinced Nana that her and Lincoln each needed to bring one home!

The rest of the week was full of baking, cooking, eating, partying, and relaxing. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's house on the Sawanee River (north of Gainesville, FL)- more Thanksgiving blogging to come, but here are some special moments with Nana!


Anonymous said...

Great to have Diane visit and she can come any time she can get away! We're all so proud of her for flying down and look forward to many more special visits to come! Nice blog Kathryn!! Love Grammie
PS Happy 1st Bday tomorrow Baby Linc!!

JACLYN said...

Looks as if yall had a great Thanksgiving and the kiddos had a great time spending it with their NANA. Miss yall and for tomorrow HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY little man. Love yall