Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a Happy Mother!

I feel so blessed to get to be a mother. I consider it a blessing and I know the Lord is working thru my children to teach me many things- unconditional love, discipline, trust, hard work, and patience, to name a few. Thank you, Lincoln and Georgia, for being my sweet, beautiful gifts, and for your wonderful cards and goodies on Mother's Day! And thank you to my sweet husband, who helps me in so many ways be the mother that I am, who provides so I can be at home, and who truly spoiled me this Mother's day with an amazing gift- an embroidery sewing machine! :) I am so excited to learn to use it!! And thank you to my Momasita, who has taught me so much about being a mother thru her example all these years. I'm so glad I get to have this journey alongside her now!

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother to the most precious grandbabies that ever were! Lincoln and Georgia Kate are such good little ones and we are blessed to have had them in our home and such a part of our lives since last fall. I went thru withdrawal this past weekend when you were all at the beach and the house was too quiet!! The kids look alot happier in that picture than I remember them acting! Hugs Grammie