Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Backyard Fun

The kids had a great time playing in the backyard last weekend while daddy and mommy worked on clearing out the garage. Our backyard here at our new house in Tampa isn't nearly as big as our one in Birmingham, but we're thankful to have as much as we have in this area of Tampa. And it's just less to mow! The kids really love it back there, running around under the shade of the huge oak.

The kids love to bring out the water table. (It's the gift that keeps on giving, Phelps'!!) And they always manage to do a great job watering the lawn, too! (Not that God hasn't been doing a great job of that Himself, with our daily afternoon showers.)

First thing Lincoln did when we opened the garage was find the Jeep, burrowed under boxes and stuff, and ask daddy to "Jeep. Out- peas." So, once we could clear a safe path, there were also Jeep rides.

Lincoln and The Jeep.
Like his daddy, he's smitten. Once he finally got his turn to drive, he didn't want to let go. He puts up a fight every time we have to come back inside and the Jeep has to "rest".
He likes to drive like this- one hand up, one across the back, none on the steering wheel, foot on the gas...

or like this- arm across the back, ready for the ladies!

Of course, he has to check out what's under the hood.

He tried driving from the passenger side for a bit... (foot is on the gas, mind you)

until he crashed into the "jungle". Hey buddy- how 'bout two hands on the wheel?!
Speaking of that jungle- we tackled that also that weekend. Our backyard was being taken over by vines and weeds, as you can notice in the background of these pictures. There's actually a fence behind Linc in the pic above. The jungle-look might be nice and green and tropical looking, but it was out of control! And now it's ALL gone. And our backyard actually got bigger when we were done!
And, finally, what would be a hot, summer day without popsicles...

And what were we up to while the kids had all the fun? This...
unearthing our garage! It may not look impressive to you, but we are very proud. (And tired!)You couldn't even see to the back wall before, with all our stuff that was piled up in there. A garage is another "bonus" in this area, as is the storage space that comes with it. Thank goodness, since we have so much stuff! Anyone need a range? We also have a dishwasher up for grabs... you come get it, it's yours.
Don't worry, there's lots of boxes- and popsicles!- for another weekend!


The Phelps said...

Hey! Love the update and pics of the kiddos. It looks like they were having a lot of fun! We will talk to you soon and definitely Skype when we can so you can meet Avery!

Shireen said...

Did you guys get the paint off the floor???? Yikes! Russell and I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad for Lincoln AND you guys! Hopefully it was only water-based paint, not oil-based!!! Oh, I would've been upset (to put it lightly ;)), too!!!

The kiddos look fabulous!!! :)