Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Eight Anniversary

Yes- the Trifecta is underway at our house! If you don't know what that means- it's a special time of year where Mother's Day, our Anniversary and my Birthday come within about a week of each other- three distinct and special holidays that together my husband have named The Trifecta. And every year he does an amazing job of helping me celebrate!

And today is our Anniversary!!
A very special Happy Anniversary to my best friend, partner in all, love of my life- my husband, Larry. These eight years have flown by, yet we've been through many things, and every day I feel blessed to love you more than the day before. Thank you for everything- and that encompasses more than I can say! I love you!
Here are Eight Great moments, not in any order, and not the only or best great moments, but eight great ones all the same! :)

Our special engagement at The Breakers, West Palm Beach FL
Talking thru the door before our wedding; what a beautiful and fun day!
Our first Christmas- with our first, and most challenging "child" Bernie the Basset Hound!
Dedicating our sweet girl, our first precious baby Georgia to the Lord.
Adding our rough, tough, bundle of love, baby boy Lincoln to the group!
Big move to Tampa!
An awesome trip Whistler, Canada- before it was an Olympic hotspot!
Last year's Trifecta topped off with a great weekend getaway to Daytona, packed with space shuttle liftoff, monster Jeeps, and relaxing on the beach!
Many more Great Moments to come.... :)

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