Monday, May 2, 2011

The Resurrection and Easter Eggs

As my mom and I were checking out at Michael's with goodies for Easter baskets, the cashier remarked to us, "How did we all get from Jesus dying on the cross and rising to life again- to eggs, bunnies and baskets?" At first I shrugged it off- "That's true- Jesus' resurrection is the meaning and heart of Easter; the rest is just for fun". But the question has stuck with me and I realize it's something my own kids may wonder and, hopefully, will ask about some day.
I don't have a sound, biblically-based, theological answer. Just what's been rambling around in my head! If you do, please share! And I do think the bunnies, egg hunts and treats are just part of the fun. But they, of course, are not the Point. The Point of Easter is to reflect on and celebrate the incredible sacrifice Jesus made to save me, save each of us, from eternal separation from God. He died a brutal, horrible death on the cross for the only reason that I needed Him to. Then He defied death itself and rose to life again 3 days later, which we celebrate as Easter morning.
Here's my stretch to the eggs, etc- Eggs are a symbol of life, as little chicks (and other animals, I suppose) are born out of them. Easter eggs are a reminder of the new life we have when we believe in Jesus as our Saviour. The bunny is one of God's happy little creatures. The Easter bunny is one of God's creatures that helps Him by sharing the message of new life by bringing the Easter eggs to all of us. We can be like the Easter bunny and help God by sharing this message all year long.
How's that answer sound? :)
And we had a great Easter weekend ourselves, with messages of new life, sweet treats and good times with family! We are finally finishing out the Easter candy in our house (which reminded me I had yet to post these pictures!)- but will continue to share the sweet message year round! :)
Easter Egg Hunt with our church
Lincoln would shout "Here's an egg!" with every one he found- which weren't hard to find since they were literally rolled out across the grass!
It took them each about 17 seconds to overflow their baskets!
Cool kids wear sunglasses like Grammie!
A picture of Larry & I- what a novel idea! Oh yea- and Baby Sister! ;)

Easter morning baskets... Lincoln was all about diving into the candy. Georgia was separating the jelly beans, chocolates, other goodies into appropriate piles.

Easter egg hunt with Emma & Logan before a yummy Easter dinner at Grammie & Grandad's.

Easter morning finery...

Hope you had a great Easter too!
(Didn't this just happen?? I can't believe it's now MAY already!)

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