Sunday, June 12, 2011

Georgia's Last Day of her First Year

Friday (6/10/11) was Georgia's last day of school- she has had such a fun and special year with her 3K class at The Brach Academy! Her teachers, Mrs Daniels and Mrs. Griffith, were so great and showed her all year how exciting learning can be. She has grown in so many ways this year, and I know her time in her little classroom was definitely a part of that. I hope this love of learning will last her lifetime!
On Tuesday of her last week (6/7/11) her school did a little end of the year program, showcasing many of the songs they had learned all year for different seasons and events. Daddy, Grammie, Lincoln and I loved it, and Georgia did a great job singing extra loud- "so Baby Sister can hear in mommy's tummy", as she told me!
I know there are many, many end of the year programs and fantastic school years ahead for our family, but it was very special experiencing the first taste of it with our first student!

Georgia & Mrs Daniels

Georgia & Lincoln (Linc really didn't care about "capturing the moment"- he just wanted to run around on the playground!)
Grammie & Georgia
Georgia & Mommy

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