Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last time- Family of Four

I've gotten kinda used to us being a little family of four. So it's somewhat strange to think that we're really a family of FIVE, but we haven't even met our fifth family member yet! That, when I look at pictures of our family from now, they'll just look incomplete, BBS- Before Baby Sister! So, feeling a bit nostalgic about this unique piece of time we're in, I thought I'd do a little update. I'm sure it won't encompass all things, but just what I can think of right now!

- Our sweet oldest child, God truly designed you to be a big sister! You take your role seriously and do a great job. You make up games for you and Lincoln to play, want to include him in almost everything you do, and if I happened to pick you up from school without him in the car, you would immediately say you miss him and want to know where he is. You also are Chief Tattler, which is mostly ok with us because you help us keep an eye on things. You are a strict rule follower, which can be good, but we're also trying to teach you a bit of leniency in life!
- You are SO excited to be a big sister again! I hope this excitement continues when a screaming little baby actually enters our home! You ask about Baby Sister every day, talk to my belly, always have to give her a hug and kiss before bed, and love to put your hands on my belly to see if she's moving. You share your lamby and favorite blanket with my belly, and take such good care of Baby Sister already. You're excited that she'll share a room with you (eventually) and say you'll share your play things with her too. You took to calling her "Pickle" for a while, until you realized pickles were something we eat and then you told daddy we can't call her that! Then you decided "Pepper" was a good name too! ;)
- You are a better eater than you have been in the past, thank goodness the Doc was right that you'd eventually grow into an appetite! Some favorite foods are: watermelon, corn on the cob, crunchy tacos, and any kind of dessert! You love to help me in the kitchen with anything from baking, to putting away clean stuff out of the dishwasher, and setting the table.
- Coloring is one of your main passions right now. You color all the time! It's often the first thing you want to do in the morning, before breakfast or even milk. You use all the colors and lately have been coloring things "rainbow". I love this artistic side and hope you will continue to brighten our home with your artwork! You also like to practice your writing, asking me how to spell things and trying to write them out. You often practice writing your name and drawing hearts and other shapes.
- Some other ways you like to play are dressing up as a princess- sometimes Lincoln is recruited to be the Prince and dance with you! He will also announce you- "Mommy- here is a beautiful Princess!" You guys also play doggies, sleeping game- where you put each other to bed, mama & dada- you are each other's mama and dada and take turns giving the orders, puzzles, reading books and riding your "motorcycles" and bikes.

- As a typical boy, you are busy, busy, busy! You go from one thing to the next, though you are pretty good at just playing by yourself when big sis isn't around. You love to play with your tools and often want to carry your toolbox with us when we leave the house- just in casesomething needs to be "fixed"! Also, as you told me directly the other day- "mommy, I like cars, trucks and boats. And planes. and trains..." Yes you do! Anything that moves!
- Speaking of moving, you also love balls and sports, -pretty typical boy, I suppose! Butit's funny to me how naturally you gravitate to these things, even when our house probably has more girl toys in it. You still love baseball and want mommy to throw the ball so you can bat All The Time! Georgia can sometimes be recruited to be your pitcher, but that usually ends up in a Battle of the Bat and someone gets bonked on the head...
- You're a pretty good eater typically, though it's an ebb and flow. You're not big on breakfast and I usually resort to giving you a cereal bar, though I'm trying to get you interested in other things in the a.m. like peanut butter toast or waffles. But we are very much a "cereal family" and you just don't want it and won't eat it! You love chicken nuggets, of course, and that's your usual request when asked what you want to eat. "chick nil-a" nuggets! Though we did find out at a recent Chick-Fil-A birthday party that you are terrified of people dressed as cows- you took off screaming to the top corner of the playground and stayed there crying till daddy convinced you to come down!
- You are much more "Two" than I ever remember Georgia being. While you're usually a sweet, happy, funny boy, you can throw a good fit and can be quite whiney and pouty when you get in a Two-mood. You have quite a temper when you get in that mood. As I've always said about you- when you are happy- you are very happy, and when you are upset- you are very upset! You have also been a bit clingy to mommy lately, so hopefully you'll be willing to share when Baby Sister gets here!

Baby Sister
- She comes tomorrow! Unless she decided to come before then... At my checkup last week we found she had turned breech- or head up. (If that's Greek to you: Babies are supposed to be head-down in the last weeks to get ready for birth. Not good to turn head up b/c then they usually don't have room to turn back around and be in the safest position to come out. Our little monkey somehow turned herself around and seems content to stay that way.)
SO- we have had to schedule a C-section for tomorrow morning. She'll get one last chance to turn around, then we're going in after her! Personally, I think she heard all the commotion out here with big sister and brother running around, and turned around to head the other way!! So stay tuned... lots of baby pictures coming soon! :)
Thank you for your prayers throughout this pregnancy. It has gone well and we're looking forward to meeting our Baby Sister tomorrow and officially becoming a Family of Five!


Anonymous said...

How blessed we've been to be around thru the whole pregnancy this time and can now see, it's time for that baby girl to come on out and change your world! You and Larry are such caring, consistent parents and I know this baby will be blessed to join your family. Can't wait to hug her tomorrow am! Love Grammie

Shireen said...

Hey, girl! You all look so great!! Kathryn, you look WONDERFUL!!!

Just want to tell you how impressed I am with your attitude about potentially having a c-section, girl! I've had two, and they're super easy!!!

I will be praying that all goes so smoothly!! I know you've got great help there with your parents...what a blessing, girl!

Love to you and ALL of you!
P.S. No name yet????? :)

The Phelps said...

Love the post! Congrats on baby Rosemary! Can't wait to see lots of pictures and meet her in person.