Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tea for Georgia... Shower for Baby Sister!

A few weekends ago my mom and Aunt Laura held a Tea for Georgia and some of her little girlfriends. At least that's what it was fronted as! We sent out cute little invitations welcoming Georgia's little friends to "Come to Tea with Queen Grammie and Georgia... Please bring your very best manners". The idea came from Georgia's book Tea for Ruby- a sweet little book that we love reading together!

The Tea was so sweet- the little girls got their crowns and jewels when they got there, then colored at the beautifully decorated table until "Queen" Grammie was ready to read the story. After the story they all disappeared with Grammie into her bedroom to get ready for a "surprise". When they came out they all carried baby gifts! The Tea was really a surprise baby shower for Baby Sister and me! It was such a sweet idea and so thoughtful of so many friends to be part of the excitement of this baby girl's soon arrival. And the little girls loved helping me open all the presents!

It was a very fun and special time, and everyone did a great job using their very best manners!


The Phelps said...

I hate that I'm missing preparing for and welcoming baby Hippo! Enjoy the next few days before she arrives! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

GK is just the kind of grandaughter that loves all of these parties and helps me think of fun things to do! Can't believe that Kathryn is getting all of these blog sites done before Baby Sister arrives on Thurs. Love the bright colcrs we all just seemed to wear to the tea! Cme on down for the fun Sandy! Love, Grammie