Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Birmingham, meet Rosemary

Last weekend, we took Rosemary to Birmingham for the first time. (Sept 15-18) It was a great weekend of hanging out with family and spending time together. It was awesome to get to introduce her to special loved ones, and we all had a lot of fun! I was impressed by how well our kids did with all our busyness, but they held up great and really had so much fun with everyone. Thanks for the hospitality, Phelps, and we loved seeing you all!!

We loved being there for Avery's 1st birthday!
She needed no help digging into her little cake...

Georgia- 4yrs, Rosemary- 3 mo, Lincoln & Logan- 2.75 yrs, Avery- 1 year!

Sunday morning we joined the deVilleneuve's and Broom's for brunch. It was so great to see them and see how the deV boys have grown, and get to meet the Broom's baby Charlotte, just one month older than Rosemary!
After seeing Lincoln's joy on their tire swing,
we may have to find room for one in our own tiny backyard!

Rosemary- 3 mo, Charlotte- 4 mo

The girls & the babies- Jenn & Hutson,
Laura & Rosemary, me & Charlotte

Dave, Ryan & Larry

Georgia- 4, Christian- 3, Hutson- 1.5, Rollins- 4, Lincoln- 2.75

Rosemary Rae and her namesake, Jaclyn Rae!

Nana & Rosemary

Papa & Rosemary

Aunt Heather & Rosemary

Lincoln got everyone involved in a rowdy game of duck duck goose,
where instead of "duck" you say stuff like "cucumber, ketchup, hamburger, HOT dog"!!

Georgia & Uncle T

Uncle Jon & Rosemary

Lincoln & Joseph

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful group of young parents and babies!!!! You are all blessed with wonderful friends, beautiful & healthy kids and commitment to keep them all together. If the Hipps get any Tampa visitors, Kathryn knows our house has many extra bedrooms for these extra little feet! Hugs