Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rosemary: 3 Months

Dear Rosemary,
More than a month has sped by and mommy is late in getting this update posted. You continue to delight us with your smiles and new discoveries. This month was all about learning a little control- over your voice, hands and smile!
~ Such a chatterbox! You are a master at cooing, gooing, oos and ahhs and love to carry on a "conversation". I have been trying to capture it on video because it's so adorable. Your brother and sister love to try to interpret, but they do talk over you a bit. No wonder you're learning to talk at full volume!
~ Your little arms still go crazy when you're trying to go to sleep and wake you up, but you're learning how they work and move. You've started grabbing things like a hanging toy or your bib- and then the next move is always to bring it to your mouth! Your little fingers must be delicious because you can't get enough of them and try to fit them all in your mouth. Sometimes you just watch your fingers open and close in amazement. It's so fun to see you start to play!
~ You are the most smiley baby ever! You share a smile with anyone and everyone, and no-one can get enough. And you're also learning to laugh, which is the funniest sound. You are quite ticklish and when I am coming close to "getcha getcha" you give a giggle, then a big laugh when I tickle you. It's also so sweet that you now know that kisses are special, as you give me a big smile in reward for giving you big kisses!
~ No checkup this month so I have no idea how big you are, but I guess between 10-11 pounds. You still eat about five ounces, five times a day from about 7-8am wakeup to 9-10pm bedtime. We've moved your last feeding up, and you still go right to bed and sleep sound through the night. You love to sleep! You take 4 naps, after each feeding, and seem to love to sleep long stretches. I often find myself pushing a feeding time back because you're sleeping so good. But you also are flexible, so if we are out and about, like during our weekend in Birmingham, you handle it fine. You are also definitely outgrowing your snuggle-me swaddler...
~ You are a bit like big sis in that you can be a fussy eater. Meaning- you could usually care less, but mommy wants you to eat and so we fuss about it! You eat enough to get by and are a strong healthy girl, so I try not to fight about it too much. But I guess I'll never have a sweet-chub baby!
~ You are very strong and have gained so much control over your head. You love to stand in our laps and bounce. You are also learning to sit up, supported, and we've been putting you in the Bumpo some so you can join us for dinner or hang out with me in the kitchen. And when you get to just lay on the blanket, you love to have all that room to kick and wiggle!
"Has anyone noticed this counter? The pattern is mesmerizing!"
~ Favorite nicknames for you right now are: Little One, Wiggles, Messy Girl, and, of course, BabyRosemary, which I think Lincoln will call you until you're married!
~ Other things that happened this month: Big sister started PreK and you are so excited to see her at pickup every day. Daddy started graduate school- you'll be over two before he's done! We've started back at CBS (Community Bible Study) and all the ladies love seeing you and I get about 57 offers to hold you in the 2 hours we're there. And you had your first long car ride and trip to Birmingham, where you met many special family and friends for the first time! And you got to spend your 3 Month Birthday with Avery on her 1st Birthday- so neat you girls are exactly 9 months apart, and such a reminder of how quick you will grow in the next 9 months!
I already have a fun new milestone for your next update, but I refrained from putting it in here. Maybe I'll have to make a separate blog post about that (especially since now everyone's interest is peaked!). I thank God every day for such beautiful, healthy sweet baby and feel so incredibly blessed every time you smile at me- so I feel blessed all day! :) Love you baby girl, Mommy

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Shireen said...

I can't believe Rosemary is already 3 months!!! WOW! Look at her thick hair!!! And it looks like it's a little red-ish in color!! :) And curly! :)
She's precious! Precious!!