Monday, September 26, 2011

A Morning in Auburn

Last weekend we packed up the momma-mobile and took our first trip to Birmingham as a family of five. There were many family members and friends that needed to still meet Baby Rosemary, so we just made it a long weekend trip. As usual, we did the bulk of our driving at night, to limit the stops needed for feeding and taking care of the kiddos. And we planned it so our only stop could be in Auburn, the loveliest village on the plains and our much-loved alma mater.

So who drives 8 hours for breakfast and a haircut? We do! We grabbed some grub from Big Blue Bagel, then Larry popped into the barbershop for a little trim. He took Lincoln in with him, but couldn't convince him that haircuts aren't torture. We let the kids run out some energy across Samford lawn, walked across campus to the stadium, visited our old Eagle Eye professor, and of course took pictures! On our way back across campus we happened to see Aubie! Georgia was so excited she yelled out "There's Aubie!!" and so he stopped his golf cart and entourage, and took a minute to come say Hi to some little fans and play around with us for a bit. SO awesome! But, while Lincoln loves Aubie on tv and has been so excited to tell everyone about seeing him, he would NOT get anywhere close to him in person. He is just NOT a fan of life-sized tigers!

Toomer's Corner- so sad to think these trees probably
won't be here when the kids are in college here!

"Warrr Eagle, HEY!!!"

In front of Tichenor, where mommy spent many hours taking classes.

There were all these flags out in front of the stadium, in memorial of the 9/11 tragedy. 

You too can Vote for Aubie in the CapitalOne Mascot challenge!

All snuggled in his carseat with his new AU football, tuckered out from a fun morning
AND staying up from 1:30-6:30am during our drive!

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