Monday, February 18, 2008

Zoo & Flu

Sorry it's been awhile (to our 2 loyal readers!), but I spent the last week in a flu fog. I've even had good stuff to post- "good" relative to what's going on in our little world! So this will be a recap post... (interspersed with zoo pictures)

My mom & dad came to town last Mon-Wed, because, well, they can't go more than about a month without seeing Georgia. Who can blame them?!! We took her to the zoo for the first time, and she enjoyed the animals, the other kids, and the leaf she picked up. A side note: I know I'm a new mom, but isn't it a little wrong to give your 3-year-old Mr. Pibb soda in their sippy cup?? Just an observance...
Grammie, Grandad & Georgia enjoy the zoo.

The zoo really was fun, and we had sunny, cool weather. Which was good because that night it rained, and the next day it snowed, and my health declined with the weather....
Grammie- there's a tweety on your shoulder!

Tuesday night Larry & I left the baby with the grandparents and went out for an early Valentine's dinner. Leonardo's in Vestavia- our first time there and pretty yummy! I had started feeling yucky, but we were actually out- on a date!- so I pushed thru! But by Wednesday I was worse, and Larry sent me straight to the doctor. Good thing, b/c a nose swab later (NOT a pleasant experience!), I was confirmed with the flu. Yuck!
We're laughing at the big hippo behind us!

This is where I'll declare that next year, I'm getting my flu shot. I never did this year, and I know they don't always protect you, etc etc, but the Dr confirmed I had the flu strand that the shot protected against, so next year I think it'll be easier & cheaper to just get the shot.
Hey mom- see that giraffe?!

Isn't it ironic that being told you're sick just makes you feel worse? I don't know if it was just the timing or what, but by the time I was home from the Dr and getting my Rx filled, I was feeling really yucky. Larry had to come home from work to take my parents to the airport. As soon as he got home from class that night, I was done for- I went to bed before Georgia!
Walking thru the zoo with mommy & Grandad!

Thursday was Valentine's and, unfortunately, all I had for Larry was my flu. For me he had cookies (b/c I had wanted to make him Vday cookies), cherry Kisses, roses & tulips, and cards from him & Georgia. He really put me over the top when Georgia crawled into the bedroom to bring me her own card! After I got it open she tried to eat it then rip it, but it didn't matter- I was already in a teary flu & Valentine's fog! :) Isn't my valentine great!!! Not the most romantic V-day for him- he even slept in the guest room to avoid contamination, but he made me feel better!
Hey! Don't I look silly?!

So we hung close to the house for a few days, and I'm happy to say I've rejoined the world now. And even happier to say that both Larry & Georgia seemed to have escaped my flu-bug. My dad was not so lucky... he took it back to FL with him! I even tried to go to my Bible study this morning until I got to the church and realized it was cancelled b/c of President's day.... oh well. At least I've rejoined you! :)


Us said...

Sad, Kathryn!!! I hate you have had the flu, but I am glad you are feeling better! I"m sorry you went to bs this morning when we didn't have it! Hope to see you soon! Love, jenn

Michelle and Jeremy said...

Hey don't forget about Jen and I - now there are 4 readers. We love to read about sweet Georgia! Sorry about the flu:( I love the sweet line about Georgia bringing you your Vday card...crawling! That was awesome!

Shireen said...

Oh, Kathryn! :)
I'm so glad that you're better!! The flu is going around!! I hate that you had it, but you had such a great perspective about it falling right in the midst of Valentine's! Good for y'all for going out! ;) Leonardo's is yummy...good ole comfort food!
I'm super glad that GA and Larry avoiding the flu! Especially little GA!
Thank you for sharing all the fun pictures and the stories! I think it is so sweet that your parents want to see Georgia so frequently and be such a part of her life!
Love you, girl, and looking forward to Sunday brunch!
Shireeny ;)

The Phelps said...

Hey! I'm glad you are feeling better. I missed your blog entries last week while you were sick, so I'm glad to see a new post! Love the pictures, too! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Goodness,Sounds like you have had a rough time, but glad you are better. Love the pictures of the Zoo. We have to go this summer, with the free ticket from my dads work. O and to answer your question about the Mr. Pibb, Granny and Poppy gave me coffee when I was a baby in my bottle. It didn't hurt me, I don't think. Anyway, I hope to see you all soon. I have just been so busy, since midterm is coming up, but I am always availiable if you need me. Just give me SHOUT.
Love to all,