Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

We enjoyed a sweet, quiet family Christmas this year, celebrating our Savior Jesus' birthday together. I love that as we keep teaching our kids the true meaning of Christmas each year, we can start to see them really GET IT! They still tear thru the presents like banshees on Christmas morning ;)  but having the sweet truth of the Christmas story imprinted on their hearts is an awesome thing to witness. It is our hope it will be even more meaningful to them each year.
Hope you all enjoyed great time with your loved ones, as well as the true joy of Christmas!
Lincoln was, as usual, the first one up. I woke with his little excited face in mine, whispering, "He came, mommy, he came!!" I, being much slower to wake than he, replied, "Who- what??" "Santa came, mommy!!!" He was very patient while the rest of the household got up and moving, and we could all see that Santa had indeed come!
Santa brings each of our children three presents, echoing the wise men's gifts to baby Jesus, and he wraps them in red. 

Our Christmas morning progressed at a nice pace this year- Santa gifts opened quickly, then the kids got to play with those new toys while we got breakfast made and Grammie and Grandad arrived, and, eventually, Uncle Wes. Then we ate a bit- Monkey bread is a traditional Christmas morning favorite! Once we renewed our energy, we dove into the rest of the gifts, (Trying) to take turns opening to see what everyone got!
Georgia had an extra-special Christmas morning, as she was also visited by the Tooth Fairy! She lost her 2nd front tooth! The Tooth Fairy left a special Christmas gift in addition to her traditional dollar- a tooth fairy ornament, so Georgia can always remember the year she was missing her two front teeth!! :)
Papa and Nana were very generous us all and the kids got some great new toys!

Are these two sister, or what?! My girls are so cute!! :)
Rosemary helped daddy open his gifts, like this cozy sweater!
This was such a sweet moment- Rosemary hadn't had anything to open in awhile, so when Georgia got to the gift "From Rosemary, To Georgia", she let her little sis open it for her!
Lincoln gave us some very sweet ornaments he had made in Preschool- these are always some of my favorite gifts!!
With our floor littered with new toys, opened gifts and paper, we enjoyed some Christmas snuggles and 2nd breakfast!

Later in the afternoon, we got cleaned up and went over to Grammie and Grandad's for a delicious Christmas dinner, and a few more presents! :)

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