Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve we enjoyed a wonderful service at our church, with Grammie, Grandad, Uncle Rick and Aunt Laura joining us, and for dinner at our house after. After dinner the kids got to open two special Christmas Eve gifts- new PJ's, and their annual ornament!

Dressed up nice for Christmas Eve church!
I couldn't resist adding this great outtake... 
Georgia had avery special Christmas- missing her two front teeth! But, she did not really like it when we sang that song to her- "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth"- because she said that was NOT all she wanted!!  ;)
Thanks, Lincoln, for a picture of Daddy and I! :)

Georgia's ornament was a stack of composition books with an apple on top- she has done so great in 1st grade and we've seen such hard work from her in her schoolwork! We are very proud of all she's learning, and want her to always remember that school can be challenging AND fun!
Lincoln's ornament was a soccer ball- he continues to LOVE to play soccer in Soccer Shots and is getting better and better! He's learning how to be a great competitor, and have great sportsmanship!
This is what I found for Rosemary's ornament- it reminded me of a little storm, going in all directions, just like our little "El Nino"! And- it's pink and sparkly, just like our little princess! :) (She is wearing her new apron from Aunt Jen, or her "cook" as she called it! She didn't want to take it off!)

All dressed in their snuggly new PJ's, the kids tracked Santa on the Santa Tracker before heading to bed, eagerly awaiting Santa's visit!

Aunt Jen had to work on Christmas Day, so she and Uncle Wes came by for a visit earlier on Christmas Eve to exchange presents- the kids loved getting early presents- and awesome presents they were! :)

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