Monday, July 8, 2013

4th Of July

(Surprised to see me here? Me too... I have about 6 half-finished blog postings in the works, and am almost 2 months behind, but I have adorable pictures to share from this weekend, so I'm pressing on and will maybe hopefully someday catch up later! In the works: 10Fecta, last days of school, RR 2nd bday, and daddy's trip to China!)

We had a a great 4th of July weekend celebrating "Americans birthday" (as my kids kept calling it) with our family. We gathered with the Waltrip clan, and enjoyed having the Moore's in town from NC with new baby Harper! So exciting to meet this special new blessing!
In an effort to actually get this posting done and out, I'm going to let the pictures tell of our fun...
We have a tradition of someone making a star-spangled dessert for the 4th, and these fruit and marshmallow kabobs by Aunt Laura and Emily were beautiful and delicious!
The kabobs were certainly healthier than my Cake Pops, which were sweet enough to make your teeth curl, and guaranteed to make your kids run in crazy circles for at least an hour. And- by the way- most difficult dessert I've ever attempted to make!!
But I guess the effort was worth it to see this sweet smile! Rosemary sure appreciates a yummy cake pop!
Georgia loved playing Big Girl to little Anais, who recently starting walking and is definitely on the move!

Everyone took turns cooing over newest member of the group, Harper Caroline Moore! At 7 weeks old,  I think she enjoyed all the excitement of her first visit to Tampa!
Anais- you were this little just a bit ago! Cousin Harper will be ready to play soon!
 If Rosemary looks a bit uninterested- its probably bc she was! And if Harper looks a bit scared, its probably bc she  should be! ;)
Georgia, Rosemary and Addison thought popsicles were a good idea after swimming- resulting in 3 frozen little girls!!

Linc knew a cake pop was a better way to warm up his blood! 
These guys must not have had their cake pops yet...
The thunderstorms kept us from going out in Grandad's boat to see the fireworks, but we had fun with our sparklers out on the dock! Some were a little timid with the first one, but quickly got the hang of it!!

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