Monday, July 8, 2013

StarSpangled Beach

On Friday, July 5th, we had a beach day with Emily, Franklin and Addison. It was a beautiful day- sunny, warm, good breeze, inviting water. My kids modeled their new swimsuits adorably for me, so I got plenty of pictures- of course!! ;)

... I love this one bc I think it looks like they are in a music video and Georgia is the lead singer while Linc and RR do backup... ;)
Then they were oh-so-happy to oblige mommy by us taking yet one more picture together...

They spent the rest of the time enjoying the beach- Addie and Rosemary played in the sand, Lincoln dug holes and jumped waves, Georgia collected seaweed for her seaweed castle and spent most of the time in the water, little mermaid that she is!

For some reason Rosemary decided she needed a hat, so wore this bucket on her head for awhile... maybe all the sun was getting to her! ;) 

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