Monday, July 8, 2013

Moore Godparents

We were honored to again be asked by Emily and Franklin to stand as godparents to their daughter- this time to the newest blessing, Harper. What a special privilege to stand as Christ's witnesses to both of their precious girls! We had the service at their and my parent's church on Sunday, July 7th, and then enjoyed hosting everyone at our house for lunch afterward.

The godparents and the Moore's
Our precious goddaughter, Harper Caroline! We love you, little one, and will be praying for you!

I think Rosemary fully stands by Daddy's declaration that SHE is the last baby in our family!

Getting some sweet smiles for Grandma and bis sis Addison!

I love that God has given Addie a sweet little sister to grow up with- what a special thing for them to have each other! 
At our house, it was great to have all the kids gathered around the table again- they were cracking themselves (and only themselves!) up with their knock-knock jokes!

And the guest of honor slept on thru most of it! Sweet dreams, little Harper!

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