Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snugglin with Georgia

Our baby may be the sweetest and the cutest, but she is definitely NOT the snuggliest! She needs her own space to move and grove, and only if she's asleep or drugged up b/c of a fever can you catch a snuggle! She likes to sit on her daddy's lap when he gets home from work, but after a minute or two, he becomes her junglegym. Check out her moves on this little video I took the other night:

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Anonymous said...

I've learned that if you can get Georgia's mommy and daddy to leave home for a while, and she gets very tired....I can take her into the bedroom and just rock her to sleep! That's when she's snuggly and falls asleep in my arms. I can't do it often because it's not part of her perfect schedule....but I'm looking forward to doing it this weekend!love Grammie!!!!