Friday, February 8, 2008

Piggies and Ponies

So, I've been playing with Georgia's hair, when she sits still enough for me to play with it! It's like having a little doll to play dress-up with, except the doll is on hyper-speed the whole time! And sometimes the doll fusses at you. And the doll pulls out the hair-do you just did as soon as you're done. So I guess it's not like having a doll, it's like having a 10-month old baby!

I finally found some little ponytail holders, and have been trying pigtails and ponytails (bam-bam style). I can't decide if she looks really cute or really silly, but at least her hair is out of her eyes!

Thanks for the cute Valentine's bib, aunt Karen! :)


Shireen said...

SO CUTE! :) She's got so much personality, Kathryn!! :)

Us said...

Georgia, I love the pigtails! You look so grown up! I hope you had a good visit with your grandma and grandpa! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon. Your friend,