Friday, February 1, 2008

A Perfect Ten

Dear Georgia Kate
You are 10 months old, as of yesterday. Double-Digits! I can't believe how fast you grow. Every month I think you are at your "most fun stage yet", and every month you trump that! This is definitely a very fun stage, and you are learning every day.
Here's a few:
~ You understand so much now. You know what to do when we say: Come here, No, Lift your arms, Don't eat that, Give it to Mommy, Sit down, No standing (in the tub), More, All Done, Wave, Kisses and Where's Bernie. Probably b/c those are the things we say the most!

~ You like to help get yourself undressed and dressed. You pull off your socks for me, pull your shirt over your head, and reach for your toes as I pull on your pants. This is a big help since otherwise you're trying to squirm off the table!
~ Playtime: You love pushing your hippo cart all over and fuss when you hit a wall and can't get it turned around. You love your 'playhouse', your blocks, Ann & Andy, your "Stand & Sing", your frog popper, any book and especially your photo album, and your favorite toy is still a waterbottle with some coins in it!

~ You are turning into a little gymnast and roll on the floor (like Bernie), and stand on your head- head & feet on the ground, booty in the air. Then you like it when we come and tip you over into a sumersault! You also like it when I roll you into a flip off my lap!
~ You are still trying to walk! It's more like you will walk, not that you're walking! When you're not paying attention, you'll take several steps, but you are still not very confident. You will walk all around the house holding onto one of our fingers, but you still need that contact!

~ Everything is "babababa", except Bernie is just "BaBa". No other words yet, but you like to talk. Lately you've been testing your range and love to talk at maximum volume, usually in a restraunt! You also like to sing whenever you hear music!
~ You still don't eat much solid food, but we're trying lots of different things. Your latest: noodle, turkey, chicken, cheese, mac n cheese, bread, green beans :(, yugurt :(, applesauce :(... we'll try anything, but you're pretty picky! You live on cherrios and formula! Although you did like the chocolate chip cookie your daddy gave you the other night...

~ You are learning to show your feelings in so many ways. You give sweet kisses to me, daddy, Bernie and even your friends. You get really excited when daddy comes home, when you're being chased, and getting in the bath. You have definite opinions about what you want to eat, and will turn your face completely into your chair, or cover your mouth with both hands when you don't want something. When you're done you pull off your bib and throw it on the ground. And you're already an expert pouter!
Every day with you is a new adventure. And, as we watch your friends have their first birthdays, we know there are many adventures to come! Daddy and I marvel at you, and we feel privilaged to be intrusted with something so precious as you. We love you very much and thank God for you every day! Happy 10 months, sweet baby!!
Love, Mommy

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Anonymous said...

What incredible pictures Kathryn!! You have such an amazing talent and way with words for your precious baby. Have you thought about gathering all of your monthly stories into a book for her 1st Bday? I think she looks so beautiful and the pictures with her hair bows are precious!! Grammie loves you both and will see you for Valentines!!