Friday, April 25, 2008

Grammie comes to town!

Georgia has enjoyed a visit this week from one of her favorite people, Grammie!
After business in Hot-lanta Mom got to come play with us in the 'Ham for a few days, before heading back to TPA tomorrow. We've gotten to do some good shopping, lunching and playground-hopping, and just enjoying girl-time together!
Here's some fun pictures from our playtime:


Shireen said...

Hey! Miss you! :)
Tell your mom she looks great! Y'all had so much fun!!!
Hope to see you guys soon.
Love you, girl.
P.S. Marcie told me that she had a great time with you, Jenn and Fran last week. She admires you moms. :)

Anonymous said...

It was so great to be with my two favorite girls last week!! Miss Georgia is growing up fast and even gets a bit of her own "attitude" once in a while...but those are good qualities as we want our precious baby to be strong!! Thanks to K&L for sharing their baby and continuing to just be the most amazing parents to our precious first grandbaby!! Love Grammie